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Save the Date: The Trashin' Fashion Show @ Art Cartopia Museum

Hear ye hear ye! Calling all artists, art car enthusiasts, recyclers, earth-lovers, costumers, people who like fun, and hoarders of thingamabobs, whatzits, snarfblatts, and dinglehoppers!!! We at the oh-so-dingyfied and extinguished Art Cartopia Museum are delighted to hereby announce the first (but hopefully not last) ever Trashin’ Fashion Show, which will be held at the museum on February 29th, 2020. This means that those of you who hoard your crafty things can now not only covet them for their potential in the darkest recesses of your closets, basements, she-sheds, and man-caves…in three short months, you will have an opportunity to wear them too! (Here’s lookin’ at you, ketchup packet guy.)

The low-down: Make a cool wearable thing out of anything used/recycled, parade it and your sassy self down our “runway” (get excited; it’ll likely be wacky), and then mingle with other folk wearing equally bizarrely creative getups. Make, model, mingle. See? Simple. We’re still nailing (er…glueing, taping, stapling (ouch?!)) down details, so stay tuned for more…but in the interim, let the creative juices flow and maybe think twice before throwing out all that post-Christmas packaging, eh? As evinced below, it's possible fodder for greatness, just saying.

Customize your cardboard like this dapper chap! Recycle your ribbon into riotous ruffles, like this elegant lady! Wrangle your wrapping paper like this festive kitteh's person! Above all, have fun and see you on February 29th! :)

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