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Meet Boney Whipman!

Art Car Name: Boney Whipman

Creator: Andy Hazell of Knighton, Wales GB

Created in Trinidad, CO in 2015

Vehicle: 1972 Toyota Mark II

The Legend of Boney Whipman

Andy Hazell is an internationally recognized artist from Knighton, Wales, Great Britain. Andy has made and donated two cars to the Orange Show organization responsible for Houston Art Car Parade. He became a great friend of art car artist Rebecca Bass - and they are a wondrous combo of creativity. Rebecca connected Andy with Art Cartopia and encouraged us to invite Andy to Trinidad and bless us with one of his cool creations.

1972 Toyota Mark II similar to the one used to create Boney Whipman

We bought Andy a plane ticket, found a quirky old Toyota Mark II, bought supplies and found him a place to work. This super sculptor/engineer made Boney Whipman by himself in just three weeks, then drove it in our Artocade parade.

Boney Whipman lights up at night, making it a crowd favorite for evening events and appearances like on Halloween! The 1972 Toyota Mark II originally had the rear removed and a platform installed to function as a hay wagon... so it was just begging to become an art car!

In 2017 Boney Whipman was entered in the 30th Annual Houston Art Car Parade, representing Trinidad and Artocade... he was awarded the coveted Best Art Car First Place trophy and a superstar art car was born!

Come to Art Cartopia Museum to meet Boney Whipman when we open again on April 1, 2022!

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