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  • Kristi Rogers

Introducing Art Cartopia's "Confessions of a Cartist" Interview Series!

Upon beholding a particularly zany, delightfully wacky, or exceptionally well-crafted art car, have you ever wanted to know the story behind it? Have you ever wondered about the inspiration, the creation process, or the experience of making and driving an art car? Have you ever wondered about the amazing people behind these glorious sculptures on wheels? Yeah?! Well GREAT! ...because as it just so happens, we know a lot of awesome art car artists ("cartists"), and over the next year or so, in the interest of celebrating this fascinating art form and the brilliant folks involved, we will be interviewing art car artists from all over the world to learn what drove them (pun entirely intended) to make an art car, how they did it, their experiences as owners of their fantastical creations, and advice for future "cartists", among other interesting, behind-the-scenes tidbits that come up in the conversation. You'll also be privy to visuals (provided by the artists themselves) and other media showcasing the car and the process by which it was brought into being! We're starting the interviews in the next couple of weeks, so consider this your official heads up and stay tuned for more from our excellent community!!

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