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Help us create content for the new Scrabble art car!

Calling all wordsmiths, art car enthusiasts, and people who like FUN!

Once upon a time, there was an art car named Kinetosis. In the early months of the infamous year 2020, she was slated to participate in a fun new project temporarily and lovingly dubbed “Scrabble car”, in which she would become an art car bedecked entirely in Scrabble tiles and game boards, which would emphasize word play and the literary arts in addition to the crazy awesome visual interest an art car typically offers…but alas, a pandemic swept the globe and the project was put on hold. Several jarring months later, much to her (and our) excitement, we, the determined folks of Art Cartopia Museum, have decided to forge ahead with this project.

We have redesigned the Kinetosis facelift with consideration for social distancing and masking protocols, and it now also features VIRTUAL opportunities for art car lovers and wordsmiths from near and far to contribute content, which may ultimately be placed onto the car by our erstwhile volunteers in just a few short weeks. AAAAND without further ado (because heaven knows, we’ve waited long enough), your first challenge starts today!

We hereby invite YOU to write one or more haikus on the theme “my first car” and post it in the comments below this post or the related social media thread. Not a poet? Don’t know the rules of a haiku? Don’t even worry about it! Just have fun and we welcome any and all contributions! Thanks in advance for your enthusiasm, support, and participation.

The End (but actually only the beginning…more wordplay to come so stay tuned!).

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