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  • Kristi Rogers

ChewBaru: The Delightfully Abject

"Are you a dentist"? "Are those real teeth"? "Where did you get all those dentures"?! "Ew!!! That is SO gross!" "Oh man, this is the best idea ever." In the podcast interview I recently did with Rex Rosenberg, the owner and creator of the awesomely infamous ChewBaru, he shared that he has gotten all of those responses to his car (and more!), which is covered in items from a rather unexpected genre.

The dedicated cartist himself, pictured in Art Cartopia Museum after a toothpaste tube repair

BugWing is BORN!!!

Before we talk about ChewBaru, however, you should know that the infamous art car was preceded by an extremely sassy and ingeniously engineered older sibling. This frankentrike, BugWing (pictured directly below), led Rex to the idea of the art car that would eventually become ChewBaru and gave him his first real taste (pun sort of intended) of the art car world as an art car artist. After so many fantastic experiences with the BugWing, Rex decided he was ready for another challenge, but this time, he wanted to "glue something to something."

ChewBaru's Inception: The stars (teeth?!) align...

Rex acquired a used Subaru from his sister and after thinking about the project for awhile, he was inspired by the use of parts of the body demonstrated by an art car he had seen from out east, Handy. After multiple ideas that weren't quite right, he finally found a theme with some dentures! Despite his enthusiasm for his newfound theme, Rex struggled to find enough supplies to completely cover his car and was just at the point of abandoning the idea when he found a 75 pound box of dentures on Ebay...He promptly bid on it and he WON! The gluing games commenced, even more supplies came his way, and the rest is art car history!

ChewBaru: It's Aliiiive!

For ChewBaru's full story, you can listen to the interview I did with Rex about his quirky and fantastic ChewBaru via the new Confessions of a Cartist podcast. More pics of this awesomely abject art car in a more finished state are below (...although, if you know art cars and their makers, you know they are never truly finished, and are always quite happily evolving!). Enjoy, and stay tuned for more next month from this amazing community of cartists!

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