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 Art Cartopia Museum community

Welcome to our wondrous world of zany sculpture on wheels and good-hearted folks. Our community includes all sorts of wonderful people, such as cartists, art car enthusiasts, volunteers, board members, educators, community organizations, and sponsors...and we are constantly ensnaring, that is...adding more!!! At any given point, we are partnering with entities in the community to accomplish our mission. For updates on Art Cartopia's community-oriented adventures, visit our Blog or sign up for the mailing list directly below.


For more evidence of the fun we don't have (nope. not us. SO boooring), scroll on down to browse photos and videos of recent community activities. 

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Come on!

Join us!!!

Yeah, the more, the merrier!!!


Know what's even better than an artcar museum?

Our community! Join our mailing list to stay involved!




"Karmadillo" artcar build with Rebecca Bass and team of local Trinidad youth and volunteers

ArtoCade artcar build collaboration with

Colorado Creative Industries at CCI Summit 2019

ArtoCade 2018 collaboration with Trinidad Correctional Facility

ArtoCade (Art Car Parade) 2018 

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