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Museum admission is free to all, however please consider donating and feed the art cars!
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Hey Karmadillo, 2023 is the TEN YEAR Anniversary of ArtoCade Parade Festival Weekend!!!

Wow Boney Whipman! That's amazing! I know there's a lot of FUN planned for Art Cartopia Museum too!

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What's Art Cartopia?

Art Cartopia Museum is an art car museum based in Trinidad, Colorado. It came into being due to the unexpected but delightful success of ArtoCade, Trinidad's yearly art car parade dedicated to building community through the arts. Home to over 30 art cars and serving as a regional center of creativity and shenanigans, Art Cartopia opened its doors in the fall of 2018 and is only just getting started! If you'd like to learn more, head on over to our About Us page or better yet, come visit! 

What the heck is an artcar?

See...the delightful problem here (it's sooo not a problem), is that art cars are hard to define. As the saying goes, "If you can't drive it, it's a float; end of rules." Basically, an art car can take a variety of forms and the results are varied. Some are activist works, others are the result of truly amazing collaborations, and still others are sculpture on wheels. Many are simply wacky ideas made manifest by found objects and some good ole'-fashioned elbow grease made by cartists (car + artist, get it?). YOU TOO could be a you dare? If you are intrigued, come see us to learn more! 

What can visitors do or see there?

The list of "things to do and see" at Art Cartopia Museum is long and ever-changing, but museum visits will definitely feature our collection of over 30 art cars on display, a tour by one of our 'Splainers, browsing in our gift shop, and possible participation in an art car build or Makerspace/hands-on activities, depending on what's going on. Trust us (it's mostly safe), you will be in "mouth-agape awe" and the fun-loving 10 year-old inside will smile until it hurts! Come see, play, and have fun! Check our What's Happening page to see if any of our shenanigans will be taking place during your visit!

What's ArtoCade?

ArtoCade is an annual art car parade that takes place in Trinidad, CO (also home to Art Cartopia) which draws thousands of spectators each year and over 100 art cars! Its objective is to attract as many visitors from near and far as possible. Throughout the year, we build community through fun, educational, arts-related activities and special events. Check out the video below to see for yourself whether it accomplished its mission through last year's event and if you want to come next year, keep an eye on our What's Happening page or sign up for our mailing list on our Community page for updates sent right to your inbox!

What are museum hours and admission?

Admission is FREE and Art Cartopia Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Check back here for updates and please do Contact Us with any other questions!